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Haus Projects is a family business, delivering excellence in residential and commercial property development and building construction throughout New Zealand. Between us, we have over 70 years of industry experience and a proven track record of getting the job done. From start to finish, large project or small, we know how to deliver high quality, cost effective outcomes in today’s highly competitive market where efficiencies, value and innovation are more important than ever.


How we work with you:

Project Partner

We are your partner, bringing our focused skills and experience to your table. We take a collaborative and hands-on approach, enabling high level team performance and proactive communication. Our doors are always open, no question too small and no problem too big. We provide safe hands and ready communication to ensure you feel confident throughout

all stages of your project, from design and costing, through to quality, progress and on time delivery.


Open Book Transparency

We believe it is essential that you, our stakeholder and client, know exactly where you stand financially at all stages of your project and have confidence in maximising every dollar spent. We operate a transparent open book process, providing you with full visibility of costs, competitive tendering and value engineering to ensure you can confirm best value for every dollar of your investment.


Commitment to Delivering Quality

We are committed to you from start to finish, focused on delivering the high quality, cost effective outcome you demand. This means an eagle- eyed focus on driving efficiencies, value and innovation and bringing the best of our combined experience to your project, every step of the way. We believe our clients desire the best, and always deliver. This is our promise.



We operate flexible, integrated systems that allow us to respond to design and construction challenges while ensuring the integrity of the overall project.



Flexibility is critical in responding to day-to-day-challenges, whether in the office or on-site. Working with all parties in a collaborative environment ensures we collectively identify what is best for the project, and are innovative and adaptive without compromising established goals.



We are focused on all aspects of a project from start to finish. Integrating up front planning, feasibility, budget, design management, programming, and delivery with the right experience, set up, and systems, ensures a targeted, successful outcome.



The construction industry today requires people to speak the same language. We utilise the latest in cloud-based technology to ensure industry recognised processes are followed, communications are clear, and work flow is streamlined.